ENEA Munich

2nd ENEA Workshop

Munich, Germany
December 1-3, 2011

The 2nd ENEA Workshop
has now been concluded.

For two and a half quite intense days we heard and learnt from experts in the field about the state of the art and the new developments in the diagnosis, treatment and overall management of aggressive pituitary tumors & craniopharyngiomas.

The meeting was deemed quite successful having attracted almost 300 participants from 36 countries and featuring more than 90 abstracts. Even more importantly it became the cause for 74 colleagues to join the European NeuroEndocrine Association.

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Aggressive pituitary tumors

Epidemiology, Pathology, Genetics, Pathogenesis, Diagnosis, Surgery, Radiotherapy, Pharmaceuticals, Biomarkers, Co-morbidities, New treatment targets

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