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The 2nd ENEA Workshop on Aggressive pituitary tumors has now been concluded.

For two and a half quite intense days we heard and learnt from experts in the field about the state of the art and the new developments in the diagnosis, treatment and overall management of aggressive pituitary tumors & craniopharyngiomas. The meeting was deemed quite successful having attracted almost 300 participants from 36 countries and featuring more than 90 abstracts. Even more importantly it became the cause for 74 colleagues to join the European NeuroEndocrine Association.

A big loss has shadowed this meeting however and that was of our President, Professor Rolf Gaillard who on November 18th lost his long and courageous battle with illness. Rolf was a passionate advocate of the society and instrumental in establishing a highly specialized workshop in a particular high interest field of neuroendocrinology as a regular feature of the ENEA in the 'off-year' between two ENEA congresses. We want to believe that this meeting fulfilled his expectations and would have made him proud had he been able to be with us.

Our aim was to make the 2nd Workshop a platform on which knowledge is transmitted, ideas are born and exchanged, collaborations become forged and trends in research and clinical practise are set. To this end the local organizers, the Executive Committee and the Workshop & Study Committee worked together to come up with a state-of-art clinical & scientific program, which included two oral communication sessions featuring twelve selected abstracts and devoted an hour exclusively to the poster session so that everyone could go to the posters and meet and discuss with the presenters. Given the specificity of the topic we decided not to split the program into parallel sessions, which admittedly created a quite dense program. It is a measure of the enthusiasm and high interest from the participants' side that the lecture hall remained full from the first till the very last lecture, despite the intensity of the program and the exceptionally sunny and pleasant weather in Munich! This was the best and most eloquent feedback we could possibly get and for this we sincerely thank you, the participants, for giving life to this workshop and making it a success.

Gunter Stalla
Chair of the Local Organizing Committee

Marily Theodoropoulou
Scientific Coordinator

Annamaria Colao
President of the Workshop and Study Committee of the ENEA

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