ENEA Munich


December 1-3, 2011


Holiday Inn Munich - City Centre

Holiday Inn Munich - City Centre
Hochstrasse 3
81669 Munich

Phone: +49 (0)89-4803 0
Fax: +49 (0)89-4488 277
Website: www.munich-meeting-centre.de

The Holiday Inn Munich-City Centre is more than just one of the largest conference centres in Southern Germany - it is the perfect event hotel designed with the success of your conference or meeting in mind.

Located in the heart of Munich, you can defy convention within the environs of an historic city and one of the world's top travel destinations. The Holiday Inn Munich-City Centre provides just the right space for meetings. Easy to access whether by car, bus or train. In fact the train station "Rosenheimerplatz" is situated within the same building complex and provides direct access to the international airport. It's business, in the most pleasurable surroundings possible.

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