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Welcome from the organizers

Dear Friends and Colleagues,

It is with great pleasure that we are welcoming you to the second ENEA Workshop on Aggressive Pituitary Tumors & Craniopharyngiomas. The combined effort of the ENEA executive committee and the Workshop & Study Committee made sure to create an interdisciplinary program that covers the diagnosis, management, and treatment of aggressive pituitary adenomas and craniopharyngiomas and exposes the state of art research in the field. This is a topic that still gets shadowed despite the severity of the disease and difficulty to manage. However, with more than 250 registrations, you proved that there is ample interest in the neuroendocrine community at both clinical and research level. In fact the biggest contribution to this Workshop is coming from you that demonstrated your will to actively participate with no less than 91 submitted abstracts. It is our ambition that the compiled program combined with the poster and oral communication sessions will provide with a highly interactive environment that will enable all of us to get informed, creative and collaborative.

Collaboration in particular is pivotal for the proper understanding and management of this complex disease. To this end, an integral component of the Workshop is the presentation of the Aggressive pituitary tumors: a Multicenter, Observational, and Retrospective study of ENEA (AMORE) study. AMORE is dedicated to compile aggressive pituitary tumors and their prevalence, diagnosis and treatment across the world in a large database.

Despite the dense program, we do want to encourage you to take the chance and get better acquainted with Munich. Its cultural wealth, aesthetic and lively atmosphere combined with the neighbouring breathtaking alpine landscape makes it a top travel destination and one of the most favourite German cities to live. Being in Munich in December provides with the unique opportunity to visit the world famous Christmas markets (Christkindlmarkt) and sample with aromatic mulled wine (Glühwein), gingerspiced cookies (Lebkuchen) and other delicacies and unique artefacts to bring back home. Perfect for festive shopping!

Get inspired, exchange ideas and above all enjoy. This was the vision of our late ENEA president Rolf Gaillard for the ENEA Workshops and there is nothing more we wish for each and everyone of us.

See you in the meeting!

Gunter Stalla
Chair of the Local Organizing Committee

Marily Theodoropoulou
Scientific Coordinator

Annamaria Colao
President of the Workshop and Study Committee of the ENEA

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